OSGi has never been a popular framework. No wonder that few developers have heard of it, and even less can use it smoothly. Additionally, a big entry threshold does not help in getting new users. But please, don't be scared too much unnecesarilly. Automated quick setup, live coding, migrating application between servers - by watching the following video (recording in PL), you will see how using OSGi/Sling could be simple and what big benefits are coming from storing in the same place application, data and assets.

This video was recorded at Bydgoszcz JUG (Java User Group) 2018 which is an event dedicated to Java developers located around city of Bydgoszcz in which Cognifide has one of its development centres. For more details visit:


If you are still not convinced, think of OSGi as an alternative to Spring framework that is designed to create applications on freelance. As an open-minded, advanced Java developer it is good to know more alternative technologies - who knows when the knowledge gained by watching video above will be helpful. Enjoy watching!