Open source

We make many of the tools that we have created and use in our projects available to everyone via open source. Here are some of the projects published by our developer teams. Feel free to adopt any of these tools within your own work.

List of open source projects

AEM Compose (AEMC) is a versatile tool for managing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) instances. With a comprehensive set of commands, it simplifies tasks such as working with CRX packages, OSGi configurations, JCR repository nodes, and more. Its seamless integration with Ansible enhances automation capabilities.

APM (AEM Permission Management) is an AEM based tool focused on streamlining the permission configuration. It provides a rich UX console tailored for administrators. They can write human readable scripts that handle user/group creation/deletion, and permissions application. Through it's flexible grammar, exposed API, and high extensibility it vastly improves permission-based implementations.