Poznań Testing and Quality Group is a quite frequent visitor in Cognifide’s office. We are opening 2020 with a strong homecoming event during which our own team will talk everyone through the benefits of CogBoard – a brand new open source project. CogBoard is a tool created to support a Continous Delivery approach in the quality control context. During the 67th PTaQ event we also have a chance to meet Adrian Gonciarz, one of the most recognized Polish test automation specialists. Adrian will present the issue of test automation scalability and will talk about engaging developers to write automated tests.

When? Poznań, 14th January, start at 6:00 PM.

Where? Cognifide Poznań office, ul. Murawa 12-18

Registration: https://ptaqlxvii.konfeo.com/

If you are interested in CogBoard, please follow our blog. You will be able to find more information soon.