At the last meeting, the audence will have an opportunity to listen to the following presentations:

  • "Freestyle your leadership" - Zbyszek Moćkun
  • "Things I have failed (miserably) in my career" - Jakub Bryl
  • "No limits" - Robert Grześkowiak
  • "Three killer buzzwords that always make a difference" - Aleksander Lipski

During the final meeting, our Clan Head, Zbyszek Moćkun (who happens to be PTaQ co-founder), will share his idea about freestyle leadership. It will be a story of how Zbyszek reorganized leadership in his teams and changed his own and the team's perspectives. In effect, engineering became a capability with an extensive scope. Zbyszek will answer questions about how to kill silos, empower line managers, and empower team members to take responsibility for their development.

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