ConTEST NYC 2021 runs from February 17th-19th and will feature Maciej Laskowski and Radek Lawgmin talking about AET, a visual testing tool developed by Wunderman Thompson Technology.

While AET is mainly about automated visual testing, that’s not everything the tool offers. Let’s take a look at AET from a bit different perspective this time.

Imagine a situation when your testing challenges aren’t about testing everything again and again. You want to focus on checking continuously changes where errors can be introduced and that can have an impact on customer experience.

But what if your automated tests (either functional or visual) are not enough and you still find bugs with every single new release? Or perhaps you find your automated testing activities too detailed and too expensive to create, maintain and review? Is there a way to make it more effective, without investing too much effort, time and money? An alternative approach might be to define a set of symptoms that will impact your site and spot them before they go live.

During their presentation Radek and Maciej will define a set of health checks that may signal your page is likely to develop some unwanted behaviors and demonstrate how they can be automated with an open-source tool in the development cycle.

In this presentation you will find out:

  • Which health checks are worth testing before you release the latest version of your code.
  • How to automate checks for a set of symptoms that may affect the state of your page with an open-source tool.
  • How much time and effort you could save by using automated health checks.

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