A few years back we got a question if we would like to try to hire a person with Asperger syndrome as an intern. After a few short talks, we decided to take the challenge. Guess what? Now, a few years later, he still works with us as a QA Engineer, gaining experience in several projects. Based on my own experience, I am going to share how to run the recruitment.

Yet, it doesn’t seem to be the hardest part as it’s easy to hire someone. The challenge is how to keep such a person long term with mutual benefits. You will hear the story about our daily challenges and actions.

But there is something else - using the knowledge we have gained- we took one more step forward with accessibility of our web applications. After multiple attempts, the support for the disabled people has become a significant part of our projects. You will find it out during my presentation.

Register for the conference: https://itmatters.konfeo.com/en/groups (attendance is free)