As mentioned above our successful project delivery depends on two main factors: well designed, goal-oriented technology stack and our culture (that's why we call ourselves Cognifiders). In this blogpost, we are going to explain what do those two factors mean in Cognifide.


As Cognifiders we have a unique motivation to bring the project to success. To do so, we constantly develop our technical skills and find new solutions in a team of supportive colleagues. We are open to discuss ideas to each other and receive feedback, to make sure that our technical decisions will bring the best to the project. Moreover, we are deeply engaged into spreading knowledge across the technical community and contribute to open-source community by sharing our internal tools and frameworks. Our approach helps us create innovative solutions and have a real impact on other people's work.


We build editorial platforms for large teams of web journalists who create news articles, blogs or guides read by hundreds of thousands of people. This required us to design scalable and resilient platforms, based on cloud services such as AWS EC2, Lambda and S3. Then, to implement software that supports editors in creating engaging content, enriched with digital assets from integrated asset management systems (DAM). Finally, to make sure the content can reach to the end users at any place around the globe and on any device. To do so, we leverage content delivery networks (CDN) such as Akamai or Fastly, web servers like Nginx or Apache and a variety of middleware solutions including Varnish, Redis or Apigee.

We also heavily rely on modern front-end technologies to build highly interactive, efficient and responsive single page applications. Using the right mixture of Angular, React, Node or Vert.x, we created rich car configurators for our automotive clients as well as banking apps for clients in the financial sector. All backed up by RESTful and reactive APIs, headless CMS and connected cloud services.

All our platforms are also integrated with a full spectrum of tools and products. Google or Adobe Analytics let us know who uses the platform and how. Optimizely or Adobe Target allow us to personalize delivered content and look & feel. Solr, Elasticsearch or Swiftype provide best search capabilities. There is also Gigya and Baazarvoice for user-generated content, Salesforce for... well, a lot of things, and many many more.

Finally, we also invest in the way we build and deploy our software. Gradle and Maven are our build tools. Bamboo, Jenkins or GoCD allows us to build CI/CD pipelines. There is also Docker, Kubernetes, Digital Ocean and Chef, which are used to provision, configure and run our development environments.

Cognifide technology stack


Solutions mentioned above are just a part of our technology stack, which we constantly develop. As you have learnt, at Cognifide we use our flexibility to fit the most efficient option to the project’s needs. We start each project open-minded and we are always open to the feedback from our colleagues. We analyse available tools to create best complex platforms and keep them simple for our clients at the same time. Check out other articles to discover even more about our approach and tools we use!